Let’s begin with a disclaimer. We’re not just fans of Office 365 – we’re adopters, partners, advocates and continuous users. There’s not an employee at Nerve Solutions Group who doesn’t use Microsoft’s most business-friendly offering; with that said, be aware the following words will communicate the advantages and benefits of our favourite cloud solution. It’s a productivity battery, super-charging work-flows, meetings, communications and more. Do we sound like an ad yet? We apologise, let us explain why Office has crawled into our collective conscious again.

Online Meetings Courtesy of a HTML5 Browser

We hold a lot of meetings. As you can imagine, between our consulting, legal and technology arms, there is never enough space for a full-day of face-to-face client interaction – we’d have to invest in an entire floor to meet basic capacity! Financially savvy folks that we are, a percentage of our updates, briefings and consulting sessions are held online, meaning we don’t need to delay communication or hold up project development because of limited space. Office 365 can house 250 participants in any one meeting, packed out with features like screen sharing, audio and video, virtual whiteboards, polls and shared notes.

Private Social Networking and Collaboration

Team culture is a hot topic making the rounds online and off – get on top of yours and foster positive communication across a private social network, making collaboration and information sharing across teams a breeze. Break down the barriers of cube life and create a fun, comfortable atmosphere while getting stuff done. Don’t forget about the social in social networking either – businesses are made up of people, and organising Friday night drinks has never been easier.

Simplified IT Management

The way we store, manage and access content has changed. Our essential files no longer live in offices with us, struggling to marry outdated data conventions with new technologies… cloud computing is a headache saver, creating a unique online content environment for your information resources. Access what you need, when you need, from wherever you are without worrying about backup issues or recovery disasters – your team will be able to stay in the loop the easy way. Online.

Share Files Safely

Pushed for storage space? What would 1TB mean for your business? Flowing on from our previous point, your employees will never have to worry about limited collaboration. Office 365 opens the door to smarter data, facilitating the upload, download and sharing of all hosted files, from almost any device. Offline? Without an internet connection? That’s okay, documents still synchronise.

Confidence-Inspiring Support

Problems are rarely restricted to business hours. You’ll be supported by a 24/7 technical team, offering the know-how and experience required to get the ball rolling again. Have you encountered a critical issue? A service impacting event? You’ll be supported within an hour, ensuring you don’t fall too far behind any essential tasks, projects or cases.

Empower your team to do less and achieve more with a suite of applications they recognise. Not sure if it’s the right decision for you? Speak to Nerve Solutions Group and solve your business problems sooner.

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