Traditionally Rebellious

About Nerve Solutions Group

In July 2017, we took a chance. Samantha Venturato, Sam Soliman, Geoffrey Bowman and Jodie Wiley were caught on a carousel of repeated conversation, marveling at an ever-present gap in the legal market – nobody seemed quite brave enough to challenge business as usual, despite the benefits of further development and the potential for meaningful disruption.

That disruption word again…the law industry is a comfortable territory. Our rules and practices are waiting for us the moment we graduate with the expectation we’ll continue to enforce what was cutting edge 20,30,50 years ago. While tradition should be respected, there’s no digital transformation advisory best practice to fall back on – no one has come before. This is new. This our chance.

We have an opportunity to be pioneers, to be the first, to change legal business models in response to emerging technologies and the requirement al a carte consultation. We have made the future of legal fluid by merging strategy, technology, support, project management and good old fashioned honesty. Isn’t that refreshing?

Remake the laws of legal services with Nerve Solutions Group.

Our Purpose

Think Differently.


Smash boundaries.


Change lives.


Nerve Solutions Group are creators, innovators and change-makers, cultivating a creative working culture on the very edge of tomorrow’s legal landscape. Our people do not accept the status quo. Instead, they drive quality digital transformation in the legal SME market without the help of a time machine.


Let’s change together. Stay relevant with Nerve Solutions Group.