Nerve Consulting: Turn Your Business Inside Out

We help you achieve business success from the inside

Introducing any unknown into an established business can be tricky. There’s a lot of push-back, maybes, and negotiations, not to mention the hours of justification required before final approval is granted in earnest.

Nothing happens and then everything snowballs, while a new set of questions arise and your carefully planned, business bending project takes a nose-dive into non-development.

You need a bigger team, but the budget is fixed, forcing your existing thinkers to put out fires instead of lighting them under an industry steeped in tradition. Something is missing.

Nerve Solutions Group works as a remote partner in product development, transforming possibilities into certainties and operational frustration into a distant memory. Our legal experience, coupled with an extensive skill-base in scalable modelling, emerging technology and savvy strategising transforms the unattainable into instant goal material.

Why Nerve Consulting

Capable, Careful Strategy

We deliver incisive legal services while optimising those much discussed cost structures, project management voids and optimisation windows.

A Law Firm that Isn’t a Law Firm

When it comes to legal advice, one size never fits all. Our A la carte services connect audience savvy clients with the right resources, ensuring the end-product is above reproach… without paying for any extras you won’t use.

Ongoing Support

Business success is about making choices. We partner with you to create distinct advantage in an evolving market. You won’t be left behind with Nerve Solutions Group.

Unleash Your Inner Disruptor

When it comes to practice management, we all chase change. Small shifts here, strategic upheavals there and suddenly – industry defining alterations. Operational efficiency has finally come into its adolescence and grown attached to technological developments (we have to). Imagine comprehensive control, planning and management tools at your fingertips; instant automations, workflow transparency, document lodgement, email schedulers, database miners… 1s and 0s change the way you succeed day to day.

What Nerve Does

We work closely with your firm to deliver the project your business needs, regardless of complexity. Our practitioners have expertise in Project Controls, Program Delivery and Reporting and Governance, and will work on your behalf to ensure your project or work program is delivered successfully.

We deliver your project on time, on budget, every time.

Change the game in your favour. Ethical, efficient business solutions.